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Pierre van Rooyen

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Madagascar to Zanzibar. Diary of a woman skipper.

More adventures and pics from Faith’s diary.

We get better performance from the boat with Faith skippering and me crewing. That’s how we won many races at Hartebeespoort and the Vaal Dam, piquing one or two male skippers.

This is the link to Faith’s diary.

Just one of the many dhows we sailed with in East Africa and Madagascar. They are very fast and we had a hard time catching and racing them. Often, we lost.

Have fun,


(Ha, ha. Returned to the hospital in George Town, Penang last week, for an MRI scan on what happened to the tumour. The radiation burnt it. Only scar tissue there now. So as good as new until next time. In the meantime, bought myself a racing bicycle, so I’ll probably break my neck on that. Lotsa fun.)



Recent comments:

  • <a href="" rel="nofollow">Helen</a>
    February 22nd, 2013 @23:27 #

    I've been checking to see what news of your health -- does that last paragraph mean what I think it means -- good news? In which case, that's fantastic.

  • <a href="" rel="nofollow">Pierre</a>
    February 23rd, 2013 @03:53 #

    Sorry, Helen. Only just seen your comment now. Yah, took the ferry to Penang two weeks ago. The tumour in my solar plexus had been as big as a person's hand, was bloating my gut and pressing on arteries. The nuclear material they used on me burnt it, so there is only scar tissue left. So, as good as new until next time. Will do a blood test check every three months. But radiation sickness is not very nice. I managed not to bring up, but I carried a vomit bucket around with me. The diarrhoea was unspeakable. The radio-active material emptied my gut totally, nine times in one night. I was left with no electrolyte in my intestines which dried me out, absolutely dehydrated and the pain of barbed wire in my intestines. Anti-inflationary meds got rid of that and I spent a week just lying in my berth reading. Then I bought a 24 speed bicycle and hoof around on that. Lotsa fun. Seeya. Pierre.


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